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Professional Passion.

Our patients are typically people who have a passion for excellence in their work. They know what it means to run with the best. And that's the kind of passion Dr. Malpeso has for creating beautiful, functional, lifetime smiles. That's why he's a specialist, not just a generalist. As an expert Periodontist and Prosthodontist, he understands the many and varied interrelated factors of tooth structure, bite alignment, gum health, and overall general oral health.

Pursuing Perfection.

When it comes to perfecting smiles, there just isn't room for guess-work. That's why Dr. Malpeso is so meticulous in diagnosing the precise changes that will best serve your needs, planning a treatment process to accommodate all the variables, and then carrying out every aspect of that plan right here in our own office. To that end, we've invested in the latest modern equipment and technology, incorporated the most comfortable techniques, and systematized our administration to be nearly paperless. All so that we can concentrate fully on pursuing perfection in your smile.

So, feel free to browse through our site. And if you'd like to find out more about how Dr. Malpeso can help you obtain your most beautiful smile, for keeps…simply give us a call.

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